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GLASGOW Lyla Pinch-Brock: Tracking down Takhat; A Sarcophagus Restoration with Some Surprises

  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Glasgow G3 8AG (map)

Lyla Pinch-Brock, based in Saissac, France is Research Associate, Royal Ontario Museum Toronto, Canada. As an archaeologist who has lived and worked in Egypt for thirty years, she specialises in epigraphic and restoration work with numerous foreign missions.

Major projects: Re-cleared and conserved KV 55 in the Valley of the Kings; cleared and conserved the tomb of Anen (TT 120) in the Nobles area of the West Bank, Luxor; copied the reliefs in the Temple of Osiris Heqa-Djet at Karnak and in the tomb of Amenmose (TT89) for publication.Has participated in three sarcophagus restoration projects including those of Ramesses VI and Merenptah in the Valley of the Kings. This talk will outline the previous work but focus on the task of restoring the sarcophagus lid of Queen Takhat carried out in the Valley of the Kings in September of 2019 under a grant from the American Research Centre in Cairo. Many surprises were encountered during this project, including the discovery of parts of an unknown sarcophagus from the debris excavated from the KV10 (tomb of Amenmesse) burial chamber.